Price Reduced on 19361 Lakeshore in Country Place
18 October 14 04:28 PM | Lynette Fletcher | 0 Comments   

Country Place, Tyler  -  Announcing a price reduction on 19361 Lakeshore, a 2,997 sq. ft., 3 bath, 4 bdrm single story. Now $319,000 - Price reduced!!.

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Should I sell my home as a for sale by owner?
20 May 14 09:16 PM | Lynette Fletcher | 0 Comments   

Should you sell by owner?  I remember this question all too well.  It hasn't been that long ago that I was right where you are, selling my home, and wanting to keep as much equity as I could.  I knew the market rather well because I watched it constantly, especially in areas that I liked or in areas that I thought would be great places to purchase rental properties.  Being someone that was very money-conscious, I wanted to make the best financial decision that I could.  After all, buying a home is usually the largest purchase you will make.  One year later, I decided that there had to be more people like me, that wanted to market their home and attract as many buyers as they could, and not spend as much of their hard-earned equity.   So, I joined National Agent Network and it has been the best decision.  I not only get to help people sell their homes, but I get to help them make a wise financial choice by saving them thousands of their equity using me as their Realtor.  

So why not sell a home without a realtor and pay no commission?  A few reasons:

1) If you are basing your asking price on zillow's estimate of your property or any other website, it is not accurate.  These estimates are not all-inclusive of all of the sales contained in the MLS.  They are also not a substitute for an expert being able to look at comparable properties that have sold in your neighborhood.  For example, these estimates do not eliminate foreclosures.  Foreclosed homes are not likely to be in the same condition that your home might be in.  They also don't look at photos from other comparable properties and compare upgrades, finishes and exact locations to be sure that you are comparing similar properties.  Because of these inaccuracies, you can price too high, and have trouble when it comes time for appraisals, or too low, and then you've lost the money you thought you were saving going it alone.  

2) Will you be as effective at selling your home as one individual, with one social network of friends and family, and a posting on some of the websites vs. hundreds of Realtors with still more clients, already pre-qualified, all vying to sell your home to earn commission?  It is just a matter of numbers.  Having more people working for you is better than working alone.  I sold a home in less than one week, that was an amazing home and that brought many offers.  That same home sat on the market as a for sale by owner for over a month.

3) Do you have the time to research the requirements to stay within the law when selling your home?  A Realtor can walk you through the process so that deadlines are not overlooked and so all documents necessary to the transaction are signed and understood.

4) Have you considered an alternative to full 6% realtors?  This is where I found my niche.  Our agency offers all of the same services as full-service realtors because we are full-service realtors.  We just have an added passion of wanting to save our clients money!  

5) Finally, ignorance is not an excuse.  I have in my own experience seen people use a contract without fully understanding the jargon, and signed up to pay closing costs when actually they were trying to put a cap on their own closing costs.  Mistakes in contracts can be costly.  So even if you are positive you want to go for sale by owner, please get legal advice so that you don't sign a document you don't understand. 

Open House at 3061 Yasmeen Circle
09 May 14 08:06 PM | Lynette Fletcher | 0 Comments   
This house is beautiful and a must-see!!  Stop by on Saturday from 1-3PM on May 10th, 2014 for the open house.  Home is located in Oasis South, a family friendly neighborhood with playground within walking distance.  Easy access to Highway 69 and all of the new shopping areas that are opening soon.  Owens elementary and the new Three Lakes middle school!!  With over 2400 square feet, this home will go quickly at $219,900!